First Responder Comments


The Silver Star Families of America has one mission; to remember, honor and assist the wounded and ill of our armed forces from all wars.

To this end we are working on a “guide to first responders” who may encounter active duty, reserve or veterans who have been wounded with PTSD.

We would like to ask that if any of you have had contact with someone wounded with PTSD to contact us. Without using names or violating confidentiality, we would like to know what happen:
What worked for you and what did not.
What did you do different with a veteran that you would not normally have done?
Did you keep situational awareness and officer safety in mind?
What was the final outcome?

And finally, we would like to know your suggestions for other officers and first responders.

The SSFOA desire is to see guidelines established that does not compromise officer safety but at the same time establishes alternatives to normal arrests.

Your help is appreciated. Please post your comments.

Thank you,
Steve Newton, Founder
Silver Star Families of America